Bert Schaeffer Photography

A complete redesign, improving usability, ledgebility and photography.

The project

The new website of Bert Schaeffer Photography is all about photography and accessibility. The website redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up with a responsive design, more peaceful grid, enhanced imagery and a new typography.

The previous website fulfilled it’s purpose, but without a responsive design, Bert Schaeffer complained his portfolio wasn’t accessible on the go. He requested a new website that focussed more on his portfolio and felt serene.


Bert Schaeffer


Full stack designer

Creating a

Designing the new website was primarily a case of rounding the sharp edges. To do so, I created separate designs for multiple devices and sketch out a fluid coherent design by working around the breakpoints, instead of designing for specific resolutions.

In order to create a fully responsive design, every line of code for the new grid has been rewritten. This gave the opportunity of changing the direction flow of the portfolio from horizontal to vertical. This created a calmer lay-out.

Full screen imagery

Everyone can feel and see all photos in full detail, either via retinafied thumbnails in full screen.

Traditional typography

To make a better connection with the man behind the camera, the personal touch is even visible in the new combination of traditional serif and modern sans-serif typography.

Within thumbs reach

Everything is easily accessible, including the navigation, which is, instead of regular topbar or hamburger menu navigation, within a thumbs reach.

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